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Easy Connect AS
Midtunhaugen 10, 5224 Nesttun
Phone: 53 20 53 00

Terms and conditions

The service must not be misunderstood as a means for reservation against listings on directory services or any other service provided by operators of telephony.

The basis for the content of the Easy Connect AS directory service database is data published by telecommunication companies in accordance with the rules stated by law and regulations in Ekomforskriften (Electronic Communications Regulation). The changes being made in this system with regards to how the data is published, will due to this only be available on systems where Easy Connect AS is the data service provider, and not affect data recorded with the provider of telephony in any way. Easy Connect AS encourage you to always record changes with your provider as well, this to ensure that your needs as a costumer are always safeguarded by your provider.

To make the changes you need to verify that you have a connection to the directory service entry by means of a security code distributed free of charge by sms. This is to ensure that the person performing the change disposes one of the numbers in the directory service entry. The changes will be subject to automated controls, in combination with manual controls to ensure that the changes are within the terms and conditions of the service and comply with Norwegian law.

By confirming changes with the code issued by sms you also confirm that the changes made are correct. Misuse of service will be handled by Easy Connect AS, either directly or passed to the relevant supervisory authority.

Easy Connect AS reserves the right to use the information in all services both present and future as part of its directory service database. This also includes services supplied by third parties, where Easy Connect AS is a content provider. Easy Connect AS reserves the right to change / update content listings, in cases where the contents of the entry goes against our conditions of use of the service, as described in the terms of use or as described in regulations for the directory services in Norway.